And Soon The Darkness, (15), (87 mins), released on DVD and Blu-Ray on March 7.

A classic British thriller gets a classy make-over in a new version of And Soon The Darkness.

Gone are the two British girls on a cycling holiday in France; 40 years on, we’ve got two American girls on the trip of a lifetime in Argentina.

The result is much the same however, a chilling one and a half hours which gets nastier by the minute.

Ellie (Odette Yustman) and Stephanie (Amber Heard) are the girls in question, chalk-and-cheese best mates cycling into danger.

Ellie is flirtatious and reckless; Stephanie, more cautious and sensible. Their big mistake, when they have a tiff, is that they go their separate ways - the point at which Ellie vanishes.

All along we’ve been getting glimpses of ‘missing’ posters for girls that have fallen off the face of the earth; you just know that Stephanie is going to be banging her head against a brick wall as soon as she reports Ellie’s disappearance.

Lurking in the background is a dodgy-looking American guy who might or might not be a threat; making matters even worse is the sleazy policeman who manages to be both sinister and unconcerned.

Heard captures terrifically Stephanie’s growing panic; she suggests equally well the resourcefulness which might just be her salvation.

Director Marcos Efron builds the tension impressively as the atmosphere, so lazy and laid-back at the start, becomes increasingly malevolent. Everyone simply turns away and ignores her when Stephanie asks for help. Everyone seems to know something; no one is telling.

And this is where Heard is at her best, clutching at straws as the nightmare engulfs her.

Phil Hewitt