All the fun of the fair is on offer in Butlin’s

BUTLIN’s in Bognor Regis has launched a new fairground.

The traditional seaside entertainment within its resort contains many of Britons’ favourite rides to try and bring back a little bit of the excitement and joy many experienced as children.

Dodgems offer them the chance to get dizzy, they can whirl through the breeze on the beautiful new spinning carousel or fly through the air on the chairoplanes.

Some more laidback fun is available with games such as hook a duck and the coconut shy.

Vanessa Toulmin, a professor in fairgrounds, said: “This is a fair you can go on with your grandparents, parents can take their children, teenagers can go on the rides and young families can go on the helter skelter and play on the sideshows.”

The fairground is also home to the World of Wonders and Street Theatre Sideshows.

Butlin’s has marked the opening of its funfair by releasing research which showed almost two-thirds of Brits say they have more fun at such traditional sites than at any big theme parks.

Recent years have seen megaAmerican style become a must visit for kids. But close to 90 per cent of those among the 1,455 interviewed online for the poll said great British fairgrounds reminded them of their youth.

Threequarters say they epitomise the best of Britain’s heritage. All the fun of the fair is on offer at Butlin’s The new Butlin’s fairground in Bognor Regis.

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