Aldwick residents rush to sign electoral roll

Diligent residents in part of Aldwick have signed up in their thousands to vote.

The Aldwick west ward has the equal highest return of electoral registration forms in the Arun district at 97 per cent.

But the Marine ward along Bognor Regis seafront and parts of the town’s Orchard ward have had the lowest return.

The forms were sent out by Arun District Council to all eligible households to give them the chance to take part in the democratic process.

The overall return rate stands at nearly 86 per cent – or 61,192 forms – but more than 10,000 households have failed to return their paperwork.

They could be hitting their chances of obtaining credit.

Nigel Lynn, Arun’s chief executive, said: “You may think you don’t want to vote now but if an issue comes up that you want to have your say about, you won’t be able to vote if you’re not on the register.

“Credit rating companies also often refer to the register of electors as a means of proving that the person seeking credit actually lives at the property.”

People who have not returned their forms should check whether they are registered or obtain a rolling registration form for 2011/12 from the council’s reception areas at the Civic Centre in Littlehampton or Bognor Regis Town Hall or call 01903 737616.