Aldwick cricket bat auction attracts 2.5k

The bat made and auctioned for Aldwick Cricket Club
The bat made and auctioned for Aldwick Cricket Club

More than 2.5k people have tuned into a video of Alex Styles making and auctioning a cricket bat in aid of Aldwick Cricket Club.

The event, which was streamed via Facebook live on the Dumaris Cricket page, is part of a fund-raising drive after the club’s pavilion was destroyed in an arson attack at the end of January.

It raised £50 for the bat and saw a further £50 go to the club’s crowd-funding page which current stands at nearly £8k of the £10k target.

Alex said: “Hopefully over the next couple of days more will come in and they will be able to get what they need.”

“I think, no matter what sport you are in, if something major goes wrong you will find the community just gets together.

“As much as we are competitive against each other when you are in need we all get together and help out.”

Alex, who is originally from South Africa, added that he thinks the support in England for such projects is ‘phenomenal’.

“I don’t think there is a another county in the world which works so hard for charity,” he stated.

“If you are involved in a club you know how much hard work it takes to get out there.

“Out of disaster you can either sink or you can rebuild and here the community is saying we aren’t going to let you sink.

“I think the Aldwick teams will go up this year because they have that fight from what they have gone through,” added Alex.

“I think you will see it get better and better.”

The club’s president Dave Robinson, who appeared in the video to update on the fund-raising so far, in addition to explain more about Aldwick’s history and recent form, seemed to agree.

He said: “We are looking to bounce back this year, go back up to division two.”

Dave also spoke about the ‘amazing support’ for the ‘family club’, which ‘offers cricket for all levels’.

“The generosity from people has been superb, we’ve been staggered,” he said, adding how everyone from local clubs and big companies to players have got behind Aldwick.

He added that it has included Selsey offering a storage container, poker nights being held and a Bognor Rox bucket collection which raised £714.

“As and when we get the clubhouse up and running I want to sort out some sort of game to thank everybody,” he said.

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