Advice to ensure all can enjoy their halloween

DON’T let your halloween festivities harm others.

Sussex Police have issued advice for those in the Bognor Regis area wishing to take part in the halloween festivities.

With halloween falling today, officers have asked merrymakers to remember it can be a distressing time, especially for elderly and vulnerable residents.

Superintendent Laurence Taylor said: “Thousands of people throughout Sussex enjoy halloween and we do not want to spoil their fun.

“However, there is a minority who make the evening a real nightmare for those who choose not to participate in halloween traditions.

“We expect many people of all ages to be attending parties and enjoying the evening.

“As always, we will remain vigilant and will not tolerate unacceptable behaviour that causes unnecessary distress to others.”

Halloween, which falls today, is a time when the evenings begin to get darker and colder and a rise in anti-social behaviour relating to noise, nuisance, criminal damage and fireworks can occur.

Parents are urged to keep an eye on children and make sure youngsters know to respect signs on homes which ask for trick or treaters not to call or for residents not to be disturbed.

When possible, children should be accompanied, or adults should know where they are planning to go.