Action is being taken to get rid of the landfill smell

RESIDENTS suffering from the Lidsey smell have been assured work is under way to solve it.

Derek Whittington, who chairs the Lidsey landfill liaison committee, visited the site on Monday to view the progress which is being made.

“Lidsey Landfill Ltd has been working closely with the Environment Agency and has implemented a programme of works to eliminate the release of odour,” he said.

“These works include minimising the operational area, capping the remaining active landfill cell with clay, installation of gas wells and pipelines to collect the landfill gas and flaring of the landfill gas. In addition, two deodorisers have been installed to neutralise odour.”

The Observer reported last month on the complaints from residents around the site at Headhone Farm on the A29 about the stench.

Mr Whittington, who is also the county councillor for Fontwell, said the cause was the early summer bad weather which flooded the active landfill area followed 
by the warm weather drying it out.

This gave rise to rotting waste smells six weeks ago and then landfill gas odours.

All complaints were taken seriously, he added, and efforts made to solve them.