A29 remains closed in spite of new drains

ONE of the main roads to Bognor Regis remained closed today (January 9).

The A29 is about to enter its second week of flooding in spite of a major drainage scheme being installed last autumn.

The road was closed between Sack Lane and the Robin Hood hotel by West Sussex County Council. Some have been driving through despite its closure.

Nearby resident Dominic Mills said: “The council must be thanked for actually doing something about the flooding on the A29 and Sack Lane every year. But, sadly, it has not been enough.

“The council installed new drains and pipes but it would appear they have not finished the job as the water is all backed up and has nowhere to go or drain away to.

“They dug a sink hole in the ground that’s below the water table level and, of course, as soon as it rains it fills up and we are back to the same situation as previous years. Also, the council raised and re-surfaced Sack Lane – which was years overdue – but, sadly, no drainage was added to the improvements.”

The county council installed new drains on Sack Lane southward as part of operation watershed after the June, 2012, floods.

A council spokesman said it planned to install a pump on the A29 opposite Sack Lane yesterday.
“Then we will pump water down into the drainage system by the Robin Hood pub. Pumping will have to be controlled as it is possible properties will flood with the excess water,” he said.