A slice of Bognor Regis seaside fun will be screened on TV

TV VIEWERS will be able to see Bognor Regis seafront come alive with fun next week.

Wednesday’s (April 17) episode of the popular BBC2 documentary series Coast will feature footage of one of the town’s main events.

Camera crews captured the action from the Jig-It jigsaw puzzle competition at Beside the Seaside 
in 2011.

Sue Holmes, the town council’s head of street scene and leisure services, said: “This was part of the town council-run event and involved 20 teams of two people trying to complete a Mike Jupp puzzle at the water’s edge as the waves rose around them.

“This was originally intended to be just a short segment to be shown in one of the Coast programmes in 2012. But the production team were so pleased with the final outcome the decision was made to show a longer segment.

“As the scheduling for last year did not allow this, it was decided the Bognor footage would be shown in 2013.”

Beside the Seaside 
featured a range of traditional seaside fun as well as whackier events.

The episode, at 8pm, is entitled Joy of 
the Coast.