A railway show steams into town

Model railway show at Arundel
Model railway show at Arundel

A Model Railway Exhibition said to be one of the largest in the country is steaming into the town of Arundel this summer.

On Saturday, June 16, the first railway show Arundel has seen in more than 10 years will visit Arundel’s Cathedral Centre and the big event will feature on two different floors.

The event is being held from 10am to 4.30pm and all are invited to be part of this unique one off adventure learning about all that railways have to offer. It is an opportunity for people of all ages to enjoy a nostalgic trip supported by many railway clubs and modellers from all around the south.

Visitors will have the chance to see up to 20 model railway layouts.

The exhibition is being supported by many clubs and modellers from around the South these include:

Cato Pass - Sci Fi, a first one of it’s kind combining Model Railways and Warhammer.

San Maria Gandia - Spanish layout set near Valencia in the 1960s.

Blue Circle - a circular cement works.

Drew Iowa - a railroading in deepest rural Iowa.

There will also be free parking on London Road and only small admission to the event.