A mammoth hunt in Arundel!

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Arundel Museum is launching a ‘mammoth hunt’, beginning this weekend.

The museum, in Mill Road in Arundel, is partnering with University College London (UCL) professor Dr Matthew Pope and specialists from the University of Wales to investigate mammoth bones discovered on the Norfolk Estate.

During the early 19th century mammoth bones were discovered at Peppering farm.

The four-day project runs from Saturday to Tuesday.

The three aims of the project are:

1) To map the Ice Age geology of the Peppering area to understand the geological context of mammoth remains discovered in the 19th century.

2) To understand more fully the likely location of the mammoth remains.

3) To identify areas suitable for follow up test pit excavation to either, a) relocate the mammoths remains known to have been reburied at the site and/or b) to understand the sediments which preserve the mammoth remains in terms of age and environmental context.

Museum manager Ernestos Karydis said he is really excited, not only about the possibility of finding mammoth remains, but also about the collaboration between his Grace the Duke of Norfolk, Arundel Museum and the two Universities.