100 years of memories to share with all

Bill Morrice with his Girlfriend Ann
Bill Morrice with his Girlfriend Ann

A man who has experienced and enjoyed life to its fullest is celebrating a very special birthday.

On Saturday, August 25, Bill Morrice celebrated his 100th birthday. To mark this special occasion, he looked back over his full and exciting life.

William (Bill) Morrice, was born near Aberdeen on August 25, 1918 and lived on various farms until he was 14.

When Bill turned 18 he joined the Boys’ Service where he was posted to Northern Ireland as he was in the Signals Regiment.

Between the ages of 20 to 21 Bill served time in India during the Second World War. When he returned at the end of the war he was posted to the War Office, and after leaving the Army he worked until retiring for GCHQ. He then lived in Taunton until the age of 90 when he moved in with his daughter Maggie Snowdon and her husband at their home in Walberton.

For his 100th birthday, big celebrations were in order and Maggie organised an birthday afternoon tea in the garden, where many of Bill’s relatives attended from all over the country including Kent, Buckinghamshire and Aberdeenshire.

Friends came from as far as France and Sweden and of course his girlfriend Ann from Taunton, who is young at 84.

Bill entered the party “piped in” by a bagpipe player and later on a group of Scottish dancers came along to give a demonstration. Bill had danced until the age of 90 and the of the dance group managed to get the majority of the guests up to dance.

During the course of the celebrations, Bill gave a rendition of Paddy McGinty’s Meal and Ale, which is an old Scottish song about a pig getting hold of the toddy barrel.

Maggie is currently in contact with the Signals Museum as Bill has so many experiences from his adventures to share with others and a voice to be heard.