New funfair ride is sought by Butlin’s

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BUTLIN’S has applied for planning approval for a helter skelter at its Bognor Regis site.

The company has asked Arun District Council to approve the distinctive orange and cream structure.

A statement by Ian Cutler, of Butlin’s agents PWP Architects, says: “The proposed helter skelter is 13m in height.

“However, this is fairly low in respect to the other structures on the site.

“The original British helter skelter is rented from the Great British funfair.

“The helter skelter has been with the company for 50 years and has been around the world in various locations.

“It provides the setting with a unique piece of British culture.”

The addition of the helter skelter was a further improvement on the site alongside the three hotels, he states, as the number of chalets was cut to create 
more space.

“The helter skelter is a static ride and will not create any extra noise on site. The only noise will come from the guests on the ride,” he adds.