REVIEW: Example @ the Brighton Centre

HAVING been to an Example gig previously, I had high expectations of his performance at the Brighton Centre on Wednesday (December 14).

But, singer and rapper Elliot Greave did not fail to impress.

The last time I saw Example, it was at a small, intimate venue in London, where he had commanded his audience through the entirety of his set – but I was dubious about how he would fare in the 5,100 person-capacity venue.

However, the rapper had managed to fill the venue to the brim with fans – most of which were excited teenagers, with the odd parent floating in the background.

As the crowd anxiously wait for the main man to come on stage, it bounces along to dubstep and dance tracks, with small male-only mosh pits forming in pockets.

However, when the lights went up, the crowd erupted into screams as the man they had paid to see bounded on stage, opening the show with single Skies Don’t Lie.

The audience are clearly dedicated Example fans, as they dutifully sing the lyrics to every song on the set list, including new tracks from the lyricist’s new album, Playing In The Shadows.

Particular favourites with the crowd include Won’t Go Quietly and the album title track Playing In The Shadows, which had the crowd bouncing and waving their hands in the air as Example likened his audience to a club in the party capital; “Let’s party, Ibiza!”.

The singer’s energy seemed limitless as he leapt around the stage, pausing only to swig from a bottle of liquor occasionally. The singer’s audience interaction never ceased, as he continually encouraged them to scream, dance and jump, much to the delight of his fans.

After a high-octane hour of performance, the singer appeared to finish off his set list with his arguably best-known track, Kickstarts, a lighter, more pop-based single in comparison to his newer works.

But the audience were not fooled when Example and his band bounded off stage at the end of the track, and eventually welcomed them back on stage with a scream and a sea of bouncing hands for a four-track encore, finishing on the crescendo of the UK number one single Changed The Way You Kiss Me.

With his infectious enthusiasm and limitless energy, Example put on a show which had the whole audience at his feet – a talented entertainer which can take over a venue large or small.