Residents respond after permission is given for 20mph speed limit to be introduced in parts of Bognor Regis

Do you think a 20mph limit is suitable for Felpham?
Do you think a 20mph limit is suitable for Felpham?

There has been a mixed response from residents after a scheme to cover most of the roads in Felpham by a blanket 20mph speed limit was approved last week.

The new traffic regulation order (TRO), estimated to cost around £50,000 from developer contributions, will cover the entire parish apart from main roads, private roads and those playing a more significant role in the network. A consultation on the proposals was held in February, with 12 objections and eight letters of support received, with the main concern value for money.

A final decision was made by members of the joint western Arun area committee last Wednesday (June 19), with the scheme being passed with four votes in favour and two abstaining. Read more here.

Responding to the news on the Observer Facebook page, Paul Dendle said he supported the decision. He added: "20 mile an hour zones make a big difference in other communities. Yes there is resistance when they're first announced [but] they do bed in and people do change behaviour."

Gillian Williams also said it was 'good news'.

However, Stuart Clark felt the money would be better spent elsewhere. He wrote: "What a complete waste of time, effort and money. How short sighted are these people? [It is] 50k that could be spent on schools or hospitals."

Jeff Spreadbury agreed that it is a 'complete waste of time and money', whilst Wayne Nuttall said it would be better spent on social care.

Angela Wentworth said the allocated £50,000 is 'overly high' and 'should be justified'.

Other readers argued that it is 'pointless' as it will be 'ignored' by some drivers.

Stephen Hill wrote: "Pointless exercise. The 20mph zones we have at the moment are ignored. There are not enough police to enforce it, so what is the point?"

Sylvia Endacott said she lives in a road with a 20mph limit where people 'drive at 30, 49 and sometimes 50mph'.

Nigel Brown argued that other areas could benefit from a reduced limit. He wrote: "Where are the accidents? A259, A29, Yapton but not Felpham village."

Roger Nash said it was 'about time' but also raised concerns about how it would be enforced.

"The issue is always about enforcement," he said.

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