NOSTALGIA: Royal Military Police march in Chichester

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MILITARY teams descended on West Sussex 25 years ago this month.

More people than ever took part in the annual Royal Military Police march in Chichester, despite the heat and fear of IRA action.

The paper described the day as a ‘great success’, with more than 7,580 people marching.

The event drew the French Foreign Legion, German reservists, Italian Carabiniere, the Hong Kong RMP, the Danish Police Marching Team and American and Canadian units based in Europe.

But interspersed with these were local fundraising groups, uniformed youth groups and individuals.

Some were there to raise money for charity, some were there to have fun.

The march trekked across the countryside, culminating in a procession in the evening involving 12 bands, the salute being taken by mayor 
Martin French and the RMP Provost Marschall, Brigadier Norman Allen.

Security was high on the day. The largest contingent of entrants was Manchester Police, who brought with them a helicopter for surveillance and a video camera.

Most cars were banned from the Roussillon Barracks and bags were searched.

Fred Turner, who organised the march for the last time that year after nine years, said he was delighted with the continuing popularity of the march.

“It was a great day and I am so pleased it went on without serious incident.”