DOWN MEMORY LANE Visions from verse

REGULAR contributer Doreen Sparkes writes: Reading an anthology of poetry written by my cousin, who now lives in California, I thought the following poem would be suitable for Down Memory Lane readers.

Visions from Childhood

Searching through the rafters of my mind

for happy childhood memories left behind.

I glimpse a row of men in Panama hats,

observing the swinging of cricket bats.

White figures rolling their woods till dark,

on the bowling green in Priory Park.

Boughs of catkin fluttering in the sun,

the vermilion twilight when day is done,

the babbling brook rushing down to the sun.

Strawberries and Devonshire cream for tea,

little lambs frisking on meadows and hills,

rows of medlars ripening on window sills.

The colours and smells of my country sod,

my mind has garnered as gifts from God.

Thanks, Doreen. Her cousin is Jean E Hide, who lives in Cohen in the USA.

Does anyone else have suitable poems which readers can enjoy?