DOWN MEMORY LANE Recalling the old beauty of Bognor – in verse

READER Dianne Reed was born in London in 1940 and evacuated to Rustington, where she spent her first six years at Fairlight Children’s Home.

Dianne, now of Victoria Drive, Bognor Regis, says: Lucky for me, a widowed lady who was born and bred in North Bersted about 1898-1989 fostered me, giving me a childhood I treasure.

I thought you may like my verse.

If wishes were granted...

Silver sprays of water, upon the lilies dance,

standing tall a statuette, the fountain to enhance.

Around this scene, are colours blazing,

flowered patterns, quite amazing.

Peaceful moments, a treasured rest,

all time favourite, Marine Park West.

Wending my way down to the beach,

hobbling on pebbles, gold sand to reach.

Music from the bandstand, falls upon the ear,

even more exciting, is the diver on the pier.

A speedboat skims into sight, creating waves that lash,

then the diver somersaults, lost in mighty splash.

Cascading water ebbs away, followed by rousing cheer,

searching eyes have now seen, the diver’s head appear.

Laze about, join in games, there are no conditions.

Punch and Judy, donkey rides, sand castle competitions.

Take a walk to Hotham Park, so much to see and do,

attempted skills at rowing, visiting the zoo.

A miniature train awaits, to take you all around,

above the hoot and whistle, another distinctive sound.

The brass band is pleasing, a toe tapping crowd.

The Thunder and Lightning Polka, booms out loud.

The Pavilion entertained, for all the family.

Boxing, wrestling, roller skates, for those with energy.

The Esplanade Theatre, for Saturday evening ‘Dazzle’

a splendid way to start the night, for fun out on the razzle.

A must, The Rex Ballroom, you were sure to meet by chance,

a charming romancer, who would ask you for a dance.

Three cinema’s to choose from, really was a spoil.

The Odean, the Picturedrome, the quaint Theatre Royal.

Our little town had many shops, to name but a few,

Tommy Wards, Timothy Whites, Hansfords, Haylers too.

Goodacres, the Co-op, with departments one, two, three.

Not forgetting Woolworths, who served a welcome cup of tea.

There you could meet a friend, maybe reminisce.

Chat about the old days, and the things you miss.

That’s what I’ve been doing, in a somewhat different way,

so should one ever ask me, this is what I’d say.

If wishes were granted, and one was given me,

St John’s church would stand again, for everyone to see.

So loud the bells would ring out, no-one could ignore.

The beauty, charm and character of old Bognor.