DOWN MEMORY LANE Happy days during months on the children’s ward

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Betty Oakes (nee Saniways) of Lavant enjoyed seeing the photographs of the Nurses League and Matron Cobby at their reunion in 1936, which appeared in Down Memory Lane on May 26.

Betty says: It brought back a lot of memories as I was in the Royal West Sussex Hospital children’s ward for eight months, when nine years old until after my tenth birthday.

Matron Cobby was very kind to all the children in the ward, as were the nurses.

As I improved and was able to sit up, Matron thought I could do some thank-you letters for her. The bandage rolling kept me busy, and some ward doctors would give me sums and writing to do.

Christmas was lovely – the ward was decorated and at dinner time a consultant would come to carve the turkey.

On Boxing Day it was pantomime in A&E. A lot of trolleys were taken down to see the fun – a lovely time away from the ward.

Matron gave me a knitted bed jacket.

I kept that for many years but one day decided to part with it.

The Royal West still means a lot to me, and for the skill shown by the doctors and nurses at that time, I say a big thank you.

I am able to walk well still.