DOWN MEMORY LANE Can you offer information on this photograph?

Can you identify Home Guard members?
Can you identify Home Guard members?

John Richardson of Bognor Regis is hoping Down Memory Lane readers will be able to help him find out more about this old photograph which has been in his possession since his parents passed away some years ago.

He writes:

“The original photo was taken by Chichester Photographic Services of Whyke Lane, presumably at the end of the second world war, and shows a Home Guard unit comprised of men from Singleton, Charlton, East and West Dean and Lavant.

“My father, Eddie Richardson, is on the far right of the back row and I can identify nine more:

“Back row, from left: Cook, ?, ?, ?, ?, Richardson.

“Middle row from left: ?, Gavin, Wilcox, Finlayson, Dorman, Budgen, ?

“Front row from left: ?, Dadley, ?, Booth, Booth (snr), ?

“Perhaps someone can identify the others and say when and where the photo was taken – possibly Grove House, Singleton, or maybe West Dean House?

“Any additional information about this particular Home Guard unit would be very interesting and much appreciated.

“My father moved from his home in Stockport, Cheshire, to East Dean in 1932 when he was offered a position at JH and FW Green’s sawmills at Charlton.

“He was working there during the war, busily engaged in the production of rifle butts as well as other essential war work.

“In 1940 he married Dora Southern of Singleton, where they happily spent the rest of their lives.”

If you have information about the photo or the Home Guard unit, you can call Mr Richardson on 01243 829589 or send it to Down Memory Lane at the Observer.