St Richard’s and Southlands tackle noisy night-times

HOSPITAL wards may become quieter places to get a good night’s rest after ‘Noise at Night’ sessions were held to highlight the problem.

Wednesday, 9th November 2011, 9:21 am

The Western Sussex Hospitals Trust held two study days for staff to show how patients felt about the lack of peace and quiet on some busy wards.

Nurses at St Richard’s Hospital in Chichester and Southlands in Shoreham were given the results of a survey of patients which found the levels of noise were “unacceptably high”.

The trust’s chief executive, Marianne Griffiths, said: “While we all recognise some noise is inevitable during the night in a busy acute hospital, we can resolve squeaky trolleys, pulsometer bleeps continously going off, staff noise, the treatment of patients who are delirious, and loud telephones.

“We all know sleep and rest are essential for the recovery of our patients.

“I know the sessions was very well received and it was evident staff had reflected on their own practice throughout the day.

“We are trying to focus on how we can improve and raise awareness of people who may not consciously realise they are contributing to that.

“These study days will be repeated during the year and I hope the patient questionnaires will show an improvement and report a calmer environment at night.”