New medicine delivery charge '˜unfair', Bognor woman says

A woman with mobility difficulties has called a pharmacy chain's new charge for delivering prescriptions '˜completely unfair'.

Friday, 16th March 2018, 5:20 pm
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:08 am
Health news. Photo: Shutterstock
Health news. Photo: Shutterstock

Sandra Leadbitter, 79, of Basset Road, Bognor Regis, has just been told by Lloyds Pharmacy she will have to pay either £35 for six months, or £60 for 12 months to release heart medication she needs.

She said: “I think anyone would find this completely unfair.

“People who have their tablets delivered are either quite ill or people who are elderly and can’t go out easily.

“I can’t walk to the end of my road, I need an electric wheelchair to get about.

“I’ve had my tablets delivered for years and years and have never had to pay for them until now.”

Mrs Leadbitter said after receiving a letter about the new charge, she phoned the pharmacy, who told her it would only send her tablets for her heart condition once she made a payment or picked them up herself.

A spokesman for Lloyds Pharmacy said: “We are looking at ways to make our home delivery service more efficient and as a result customers are being asked to start paying for home delivery.

“The cost for a six month delivery service is £35 or £60 for 12 months.

“Patients can also collect their medicines in person from Lloyds Pharmacy where they can receive expert advice and services from their pharmacy team.

“Alternatively, they can register online to receive postal delivery free of charge.”