Booster Covid jab will help get residents’ lives back on track, says Fontwell care home manager

All the staff and residents at Barchester’s Westergate House care home, in Fontwell, have received their third booster Covid-19 vaccinations.

Thursday, 4th November 2021, 12:56 pm

Staff from Croft Surgery spent the day at Westergate House and ensured everyone received the additional protection.

General manager, Paul Middleton-Russell said: “We’ve all been through such a difficult time over the past 18 months but the vaccine has been so important in helping us get our residents’ lives back on track.

“I am so proud of the team and how they have worked together and continue to do so and we are all so grateful to be prioritised to receive the booster vaccine first.

Staff and residents have all received their Covid booster jab at Westergate House in Fontwell

“We’re not completely back to normal yet but we know the booster vaccination is vital to help us keep everyone safe.”

Maddie, a staff member at Westergate House said: “We know that Covid isn’t over and we still need to be careful and follow the guidelines, but there is a huge sense of relief now that we have had our booster vaccinations.

“We know that this will help keep our residents safe and allow us to enjoy some trips and entertainment over the winter months.”

The care home will ensure all new residents and staff are vaccinated before moving in or working there.

Paul said: “Please do give us a call on 01243 544744 if you are looking for care or need any further help.”