Felpham post office sets up pop-up shop to help local traders

Fledgling businesses and local traders are being given a new business opportunity with the foundation of a pop-up shop in a shed.

Monday, 16th September 2019, 12:40 pm
Updated Monday, 16th September 2019, 1:40 pm
From left: Tracey Chapman, Ali Arnell-Smith, Baloo and Mark Chapman.

The pop-up shop is set out in the front of Felpham post office and is fitted with shelves and tables to allow traders to show their wares.

Businesses which have booked a slot in the space range from local artists to pet food suppliers. It is fully booked up until September 29 and even has bookings for February 2020.

Post office sales assistant Ali Arnell-Smith said she enjoys seeing the range of businesses using the shed.

The pop-up shop. Picture via Felpham Post Office

She said: "We had the space out the front that wasn't being used so we set it up to benefit the village to rent it out to the local crafters.

"It brings a lot more people to the village and gets them talking — it's become a chit-chat hub.

"We all love it and it's really exciting when we get a new booking and we love being able to fill it up. Customers ask when people are coming back."

If the shed is not booked Ali and the post office team offer it up to charities to take over for the day, free of charge.

Retired Felpham resident Michele Redford sells decorated candles and jewellery and has booked the shed for September 26.

"It's an opportunity to get my craft out to a different audience in the village. It's not expensive so I thought 'I'm going to have a go'. I'm seeing other people who have rented it have already re-booked."

Michele said when she has been past the post office the shed appears busy. "It's a real hub of the village.

"I think it is just and absolutely fabulous idea — we are all terribly excited."

To find out more, visit the pop-up shop Facebook page here.