FILM REVIEW: Reporter Alex Jenkins gives her views on Breaking Dawn

AS a Twi-hard, I have been impatiently waiting far too long for the next instalment.

Friday, 18th November 2011, 1:11 pm

So I was barely able to contain myself when I found out I could see the first part of Breaking Dawn at five minutes past midnight this morning (Friday, November, 18) at Worthing’s Dome Cinema.

Although the films do attract many young, excitable, girls there were a good handful of women in their mid-20s, whose guilty pleasure is Twilight.

In my opinion, over the years the films have become more grown up as the directors and producers realise their target audience is growing older as the story progresses.

However, I would say this film went back a couple of steps.

I knew this film would be the most difficult to produce due to its storyline.

But, unfortunately, I am not 100 per cent sure they cracked it.

Yes the wedding was very beautiful – note the Kate Middleton style wedding dress – and the honeymoon was nicely shot, with many hilarious moments.

The way they made Bella look ill was cleverly done and worked well.

However, after this it all became a bit surreal.

The werewolves’ voices were so distorted it was almost impossible to understand what they were saying, which ruined it a little bit.

Also the dramatic ending became almost comical – watch Bella’s chest blossom.

There were moments when I shed a few tears, but there were many more parts where I laughed, which is not necessarily what I would associate with the films.

It almost felt like the director was co-ordinating a Scary Movie-esque sequel.

Despite all this, I did enjoy the film and Taylor Lautner did not disappoint as the yummy Jacob.

Look out for the author, Stephenie Meyer, in the wedding crowd, fall in love with the purple dresses, enjoy the fights, and make sure you stay right to the end as there is a very important scene after the trailers.

All I can hope for now is that part two, which is such an important film, is done better and really captures the storyline.

Three stars