Chichester: Father and son

The Dynamic Duo are Back is the title as Chichester father and son Patrick and Matisse Kundra offer their third joint exhibition in four years. 12-year-old Matisse is working alongside his dad for the show which runs at Chichester’s Oxmarket Centre of Art for two weeks from February 2.

Monday, 26th January 2015, 10:52 am
Father and son
Father and son

“I have got some new work I am going to show that I have been working on,” says Patrick. “Do you remember the big storm in 1987? I am doing a large canvas from that, about five foot by five foot. It’s the storm based in the Downs, the carnage it caused at the time with trees uprooted. It was quite a sight. I have also got some seascapes that I am working on.”

Matisse is a constant inspiration: “He is great to work with. He has done a portrait of me which is fantastic. It is just very, very observant. It takes on the entire structure of my self and the surroundings. It’s a drawing in pen and ink, and it is really quite something.”

As for Matisse, a pupil at St Philip Howard, he says he just likes making art and hanging out with his dad: “I have been doing art for a long time. I just like doing it. I would like to just keep going with my art.”

Father and son

He’s certainly got a fan in his dad: “His drawings are very, very fresh to look at. They are very immediate, and they are very honest. Most children’s art is always very honest. Picasso said it took him years to learn to draw like a young person.”