Amy is back home in Chichester with her camp comedy cabaret!

Former Chichester schoolgirl Amy Fuller is delighted to be back in her home city with her critically-acclaimed classical cabaret group All That Malarkey.

Friday, 12th December 2014, 9:15 am
All That Malarkey
All That Malarkey

Camp as Christmas – With Extra Glitter! will be in St John’s Chapel, St John Street, Chichester on Friday, December 19 when Amy is promising plenty of new material from their new Glitterball programme.

Abba, Dusty Springfield and Queen are just a few of the artists who will be covered in the show – all in the city where the group began.

“We did a show for Aldingbourne Christmas at Grace Church which Roger Redfarn was directing,” says soprano Amy, a former student at Parklands Community Primary School and Bishop Luffa who graduated form the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama last year.

“We did a couple of pieces, and Roger came up to us and said ‘What else do you do? Are you doing this professionally?’ So we thought perhaps we should carry on. The idea of classically-trained voices and classical arrangements of household favourites not limited to classical music seemed to be something no one else was doing. We could do pop songs, a huge, diverse range, and it started to take off.

“Roger was so supportive. He is still very supportive. He has been great. He has put us in touch with people and has given us advice, so we feel it is very important for us to come back to Chichester because there are so many people in Chichester that have been a huge help to us.”

With such a good start, the group decided to make a go of it, and so far so good: “We are with a couple of international agencies that do mainly theatre shows and corporate events. We are starting with those next year.

“And so far we have managed to get gigs out of gigs. We have now got our own website. The months really vary. Some months are brilliant. Some months are awful, but we average maybe four to five events. It’s a mixture of shows and corporate events and private parties, but it is getting more and more. In our first year, everyone was just saying to us we should stick with it. We just wanted to see if we could do it all off our own backs.”

It seems to be paying off. They will come to Chichester hotfoot from a date at St Paul’s, Covent Garden: “That’s our first huge thing.”

Currently the group are still based in Cardiff where they all met at college: “We have got good support in Cardiff and can use the facilities, but we are thinking we should move to London or closer to London next year.”

Tickets available in advance from St Olav’s Christian book shop, North Street, Chichester. Or call 07722 824696 to reserve. To have a peak at All That Malarkey in action, visit