Never mind Alice - it’s golfer Ron in wonderland

Ron Stevens - with rugby and Alice in Wonderland props - and friends at his drive-in
Ron Stevens - with rugby and Alice in Wonderland props - and friends at his drive-in
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BOGNOR Golf Club held their annual meeting and new captain’s drive-in.

The meeting was attended by more than 100 people and the 2013 captain Don MacLeod welcomed his 2014 successor Ron Stevens and wished him well for the year.

There was a special mention for Norman Lee who, as greens chairman, has overseen a huge maintenance programme over the past year which has involved the course’s ditches being fully cleaned out and de-silted.

The effect has been amazing with the course still open after a record ten inches of rain over the past month. Thanks was also given to the house committee, bar and kitchen staff who have had a busy and successful year.

The following morning, after a hearty English breakfast, nearly 100 members watched Ron’s drive-in. The theme was a combination of Ron’s career, hobbies and pastimes.

He was a builder before he retired a few years ago, and arrived at the club on the back of a Covers lorry which was suitably decked out.

Ron is a big fan of rugby union and used to be a lock in the Bognor rugby XV, and whenever possible he still tries to get to Twickenham to watch England.

His current hobby, other than golf, is bridge and with his partner he plays regularly at the club and in local tournaments and goes on bridge holidays.

He is a member of Bognor Rotary Club and can be seen dressed as Father Christmas or an elf each December.

Ron’s legendary timekeeping also prompted the additional theme of Alice in Wonderland, with Ron sporting white rabbit ears, nose and timepiece, the lady captain becoming the Queen of Hearts and leading her pack of cards, the lady vice-captain playing Alice, the men’s vice-captain as the Cheshire cat and pro Matt Kirby the Mad Hatter.

Ron’s first attempt at the drive-in was attempted with a builder’s trowel, and it went a magnificent five yards, but he creamed his official drive right down the middle of the first - only to be expected as he is a fine ten-handicapper. Junior members gathered along the first fairway to retrieve the captain’s ball and Katie Field was the winner, receiving a fiver from the Captain for returning it.

Bognor members are looking forward to a fantastic year of golf and wish Ron and his management team a very successful year.

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