This road is unsafe

I WRITE to express my concerns about not only the unsafe road surface of Cardinals Drive, Pagham, but also the incredible speed of some drivers, in all types of vehicles, including double-decker buses and lorries.

I recently wrote regarding some drivers flooring their accelerators along Cardinals in a bid to beat the one-way traffic lights that were in operation during the gas main work.

Since then on April 28, a car, for reasons unknown, has mounted the pavement, demolished both a lamp post and a front garden wall.

This is a stretch of pavement used regularly by dog walkers going to and from the beach, also, on weekdays, busy with young mothers walking their children to and from the school at Rose Green.

In this day and age of the popular saying ‘health and safety gone mad’, can someone please explain why it is still deemed acceptable from the Link Way junction of Cardinals Drive through to Church Way, that if two buses or a bus and a lorry meet, one of them bumps up onto the narrow footpath to enable the other to pass?

With regard to the speed – we are not talking 40mph, we’re talking 50mph-plus.

In a fairly narrow residential road the situation is becoming increasingly frightening and totally unacceptable to local residents.

Janet Pickett

Greenways, Pagham