Sustained regeneration needed

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It seems obvious that Arun DC have gone down the road of using a large developer to fund Bognor’s regeneration in the shortest time frame. But they are wrong.

It might look good (?) on paper but those development schemes would not in any way form the basis for a sustained and organic regeneration by and for Bognor residents.

Arun DC must rethink their approach: support local people who are fighting hard to create cultural and sports activities in our town . Use the creative people like Will and Abby at Loose Marbles.

Let’s use what we have, like the Picturedrome and the whole railway station area... for cinema, drama, comedy clubs, local artists and cafes.

Let’s maximise the beach and Regis Centre area... for outdoor / indoor music, skating rink, climbing walls, basketball, and restaurants.

Why have a bandstand on the promenade that has no seating and no cover and so is never used? Move it to the Regis Centre plaza area and build concrete tiered seating with some bad weather covering. Encourage local students and other street musicians/ artists to play and entertain .

Now is the time for Bognor residents and councillors to fight for Bognor’s interesting and attractive future, and reject the boring plans from Arun DC.

G Bincham