Serious impact

I AM writing to protest about the drastic cuts that are being considered to our local bus service, especially the 60 bus.

At the moment they are every 15 minutes. I realise that is very frequent and we could easily manage with a half-hourly service.

I also understand it is being considered to stop the 60 bus after 6.30pm, which would mean people will not be able to go out in the evening as they will be unable to

get back home.

Also, with no Sunday service at all, people will be unable to visit their families and friends.

It will mean more cars on the road as people will have to use their cars, which will mean more congestion.

If Stagecoach is losing money because of free bus passes, why not impose a nominal fee with each bus pass – say 50p or thereabouts?

I hope these proposed cuts will be reconsidered as a lot of people will be tied to their homes in the evenings and Sundays.

Mrs B Williams

Pagham Road,