Seafront Nimbys

I NOTE in the Observer article that yet again residents in the flats on the seafront are objecting to a feature on the Esplanade.

Not satisfied with bringing about the demolition of a perfectly good shelter further along the front, they are now trying to get rid of a coffee kiosk, which does not look right.

What these Nimbys do not realise is that facilities are provided for people who come to visit the seafront, and without them they would probably go somewhere else.

I appreciate that people lucky enough to live in these apartments, want to enjoy the view of the sea, but there has to be give and take.

I love walking along the seafront, but think it would be improved without the blocks of flats along it, but I realise that people have the right to live there, as do those who want a cup of coffee or a shelter on the seafront.

Why should the enjoyment of so many be spoiled by an affluent few.

Mick Walker

Bognor Regis