Resentment over parking

WELL done to the letter writer Mandee Keeling for pointing out Morrisons’ shortcomings with regard to their parking policy.

I trust she will be considered for recompense – £80 is horrendous in relation to a week’s pension.

Do these people realise the resentment that is building up in the population through the ‘Big Brother’ state we are in, what with £1,000 fines for putting out refuse bins a little early or late, etc?

In her case, her past record of selfless service to the community should ensure a free parking pass, not a clobbering for a slight slip.

We were luckier for we missed the little notice just after its introduction – the barrier being up and no tickets available, so needing only two items, we parked but without consequences.

We haven’t shopped there since.

The sooner the proposed free-parking system is introduced, the better for elderly people.

Meanwhile, if Morrisons’ profits suffer, perhaps they will revise their customer care courses as tenets of marketing seen in most manuals that I have read since the 1960s.

W Vanner

May Close, Bognor Regis