Potential danger

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The application referred to is the culmination of a drawn-out creep effect.

This appears to be a creeping process with long-term potential for the company to expand their activities, with this application being the thin end of the wedge.

I live adjacent to the nursery entrance, with the room we mainly occupy during the day which has two walls with floor-to-ceiling windows directly overlooking the nursery entrance.

Therefore the lorries are directly visible and create intolerable noise and vibration, being in low gear, on entering and leaving the site.

The entrance to the nursery is narrow and not originally intended for vehicles of this size, which creates a safety hazard to other vehicles entering and leaving the site.

Only recently a vehicle leaving the site left at speed and demolished a parked vehicle on the opposite side of the road and a neighbour’s fence in the process.

If this had met one of the loaded lorries, it could have been a fatality.

This proposal is a potential danger to other customers and road-users in Chalcraft Lane.

From earlier experience of the lorries owned by the applicant leaving the site, they deposited mud from their wheels on the nursery entrance driveway and out on to Chalcraft Lane, creating a further sliding hazard to road-users, particularly when the road and driveway were wet.

The crushing of builders’ waste is potentially a noisy and dust-generating process that will affect all adjacent neighbours.

This has always been a horticultural usage site, but if this application goes forward, it opens the door for it to become an industrial site by the very nature of this application.

Whilst my concern is regarding the effect on mine and my wife’s home environment, it naturally applies to my neighbours who either overlook the entrance or back on to the site and will be subject to the noise and dust that will be generated by these activities.

Alan Jenner-Clarke

Chalcraft Lane