LETTER: Ludicrous ideas from the council

SOME years ago I made the mistake of retiring to Bognor Regis after 40 years of working for a local authority in the Midlands. Perhaps what the local and county councils are doing here is some divine retribution for my time being a local government officer.

I have watched the Regis Centre fiasco with pained amusement.

Of course a coastal holiday town needs lots of flats along the seafront. Of course we need a new cinema that will compete with a well-established one in Chichester and destroy a well-established local one which offers new-run films at low prices.

In private industry the authors and perpetrators of such a dreadful virago would have been long sacked.

The costly new paving in London Road, already behind schedule, looks wonderful with the already deposited chewing gum – I’m sure people will flock to see it.

A ‘beach’ that is nothing more than a receptacle for shingle deposited down the coast as coastal defences for Selsey and then washed up here.

It makes getting to the actual sea impossible for all but the young and nimble-footed.

Now we have the residents’ parking scheme for West Bognor. If there was ever a more poorly disguised attempt at creating a new revenue stream I would be very surprised.

The scheme offers nothing more than is already enjoyed by the residents, in fact offers less! You MAY be allowed a second permit, but you’ll need to take out a mortgage if you ever have the audacity to have friends or family stay for more than two hours.

Our children visit us for a week or so a couple of times a year, relatives from East Sussex visit for the weekend. Lots of books of ten two-hour tickets are going to cost us a fortune .

If our Arun councillors want all of these things, then let them have them in Littlehampton, they don’t have a big multiplex cinema and I’m sure lots of new flats on their open spaces will improve the environment there.

I thought I had seen and heard every ludicrous, thoughtless, insensitive and self-aggrandising proposal in those 40 years, but the councillors down here have surpassed anything I had the misfortune or displeasure to have ever been associated with.

The way local opinion is contemptuously ignored or denigrated beggars belief.

The only thing the councils have done for me is to make me want to move from Bognor Regis and to decide that there is a political party, the ruling one in Arun, that I have supported all of my adult life but will never, ever vote for again.

Clive Taylor

Cavendish Road

Bognor Regis