How can I use an umbrella?

Regarding my story in the Bognor Regis Observer on June 2, relating to aggressive seagulls in the North Bersted area, I would like to reply to Simon Wild’s comment about opening an umbrella when you are being attacked by these birds.

I walk two dogs, so how can I possibly open and use a brolly with one hand?

People with shopping bags or holding children – how can they use a brolly to protect themselves?

This is a ridiculous situation. Somebody is going to be badly injured, and then what?

Only the other day in Mansfield Road, the other side of the parade of shops, I witnessed a poor cat being mercilessly attacked on the head by three seagulls.

God knows what would have happened to it if I had not been there to help it.

Seagulls are a big problem countrywide and something has to be done about them.

At least put up warning signs to tell people to take care in that area.

Dusty Benson

Newbarn Lane,

North Bersted, Bognor Regis