Damage to Rife

Your article on sites earmarked to create a jobs boost did not explain the environmental damage to the Lidsey Rife.

Jobs are to be welcomed but it should not be at the cost of damaging the environment of Bognor to the point where we will be calling for friendly bombs to fall on Bognor as it is not fit for humans now. Our ornithological studies have shown a terrific impact on birdlife from infilling, and now the outside is in grave danger.

Arun’s local plan affects two areas listed as biodiversity opportunity areas. One lies north of Littlehampton, but by far the most damaging are the road, warehouse and light industrial proposals for the former Lec Airfield site which affects the Lidsey Rife.

The Rife and surroundings are the last wilderness area close to Bognor where water voles and a vast array of birdlife abound.

The proposed road is particularly damaging to the western environment of the golf course which is already environmentally damaged by Site 6 housing and the relief road to the north. We understand housing developers have already made offers to buy the club house and 18th green and if it all goes ahead, can there be a future for a pinched-in urban club?

The road itself would leave the leisure centre and then meet a small roundabout to the industrial sector before heading to the most northern part of the relief road and heading east due to the expense of joining at the viaduct. Those wanting to get to Halfords, having gone back on themselves, will then meet two more roundabouts. In short, quicker to go by the old route!

People can write to Arun to express their views at localplan@arun.gov.uk or write to Simon Meecham at Arun District Council, Maltravers Road, Littlehampton. The consultation ends October 23.

Simon Wild

West Sussex Wildlife Protection