Arun District Council digging a hole by pushing Bognor Regis regeneration plans

I get the impression from reading the articles on the Bognor Regeneration Plan (Observer, February 28) that Arun District Council is determined to press ahead with the rejected plans, despite no mandate from the public of Bognor Regis to do so.

It seems endless expense is lavished on all sorts of surveys from far and wide to try and bolster the figures to make them seem in favour of the plan and all at the council taxpayers’ expense.

We also suffer endless use of old American phrases like ‘footfall’ – I have never seen a footfall.

I can only assume we are talking about visitors or customers, and the older Americanism ‘no-brainer’ which equates to the English phrase ‘not worth thinking about’.

All I can say to Arun is I agree the proposed plan is dead in the water and is not worth thinking about.

And it is a good time to remind Arun of yet another old American phrase that comes to mind: when you’re in a hole and you can’t get out, stop digging.

Alan Ambridge

West Meads Drive

Bognor Regis