Abandonment of loyal customers

I THOUGHT you might like to know how Sainsbury’s have decided to abandon their loyal customers during this inclement weather, just when some of them may need them most!

We had an online order due for delivery this afternoon (Friday) and this morning received a phone call from Sainsbury’s to say that although they were still putting our order together in the store, we would have to go and collect it as they were not going to deliver it in the snow.

The milkman, the postman and Covers have all managed to deliver without a problem during this morning’s bad weather.

It’s not as if we live in a remote part of the county; we are in a built-up area of North Bersted!

Although the new Sainsbury’s store in Bognor is just a mile or so away from us, we have to go to Chichester to collect our order. “You’re outside the Bognor store’s delivery area,” we were told by the very unhelpful man on the phone from Sainsburys.

I don’t know how any house-bound, disabled or old people are expected to cope in this weather when they rely absolutely on deliveries from Sainsbury’s.

I am sure they didn’t expect to be abandoned in their hour of greatest need!

Pete and Debbie King

North Bersted

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson said: “Our drivers have been out in very bad conditions over the past few days, but the severe weather and icy roads have disrupted some of our deliveries, and we apologise to customers for the inconvenience this has caused.

“We take any decision to cancel very seriously and we always prioritise deliveries to customers we know are vulnerable or elderly. We’re working hard to get our service back to normal and would be happy to rearrange a delivery to Mr and Mrs King.”