Wallet gone after man is let into home

A MAN who tricked his way into a Bognor Regis home disappeared along with a wallet.

During the early afternoon on Friday, a man knocked on the door of a property in Argyle Road and offered some items for sale from a bag containing objects such as batteries, clothes and boots.

The man was invited in to the property by the resident and was paid a small amount of cash for some batteries.

At this point, another man arrived in the room and they both took up the offer of a cup of tea.

When the resident returned to the room it was discovered the men had disappeared, along with a wallet which contained a card and a quantity of cash and two magnifying glasses.

The first man is described as between 30 and 35 years old, fairly tall, of normal build and with a local accent.

He wore a waist-length jacket and blue trousers. Man two is described as wearing similar clothes. A description of the second man has not been given.

Police advice is to always check the identification of anyone who knocks on the door and not to let anyone in who does not show identification.

Police officers or other officials will never mind if they are asked for their warrant card or a form of ID and will wait while it is checked properly.

Anyone who has a security chain on their door should keep it on while they check to see who is there and what they want.

If someone is unexpected and unknown to the homeowner they should not be allowed access to the property.

Anyone with any information about the above incident should call 101 quoting serial 1074 25/07/14.