Vehicle crime is highlighted


POLICE have warned motorists to be aware after a number of breaks to cars.

Officers have been told of a number of breaks to cars, mainly in the Aldwick area, overnight on October 5.

A car parked in Aldwick Gardens, which could have been left open, was accessed and small change was stolen from within.

In the same road, a van had a passenger window smashed. Officers said it is not thought anything was taken but items inside the vehicle had been moved around.

Again in Coventry Close, a vehicle was entered and items moved around inside.

In Westminster Drive, a vehicle was found insecure and a sat nav was stolen.

Officers were told a car left in Somerset Gardens was also targeted.

The vehicle’s side window was smashed but nothing was taken.

Police have also been told of damage to a Renault parked in Silverston Avenue. In this case, the driver’s side window was smashed between 1am and 6am on September 30 but nothing was taken from inside the vehicle.

The tyres of a van parked in Oakleigh Court Road were punctured on October 1.

Police advice is to always lock your vehicle whenever you leave it – for however short a period of time.

Motorists should also remove valuables, wipe off any tell-tale sat nav marks left behind on the windscreen, close windows and check the vehicle is locked.

If it is left open it can only take ten seconds for someone to take valuables.

Anyone with any information on the above crimes should contact Sussex Police on 101.

If you see any persons causing concern and you think a crime is taking place or about to take place then call 999.