‘Unsafe’ vehicle park route fear


A PETITION has been started to stop ‘an accident waiting to happen’ at one of the most popular sites in a Bognor Regis park.

The Hotham Park Heritage Trust wants Arun District Council to change its preferred delivery route to a proposed cafe.

The current route takes the vehicles past the park’s boating lake to get to, and leave, the intended cafe on a neighbouring plot.

But the heritage trust volunteers want to see the lorries directed south behind the lake to lessen the chances of accidents.

Their petition says the intended route could well lead to pedestrian injuries. They have gained nearly 500 backers so far.

Rosemary Warren, the trust’s chairman, said at last Friday’s meeting of Bognor Regis Civic Society: “We have major concerns about how safe this is for park users.

“The council has decided that deliveries to this new cafe will take place between 
7am-10am each day.

“We know there’s no policing of this in 
the park.

“There’s no park manager.

“We have a situation where bollards are removed to allow workmen into the park to collect rubbish and they are not replaced.

“That results in a situation where any vehicle can drive through the park without being stopped.”

She showed the meeting, attended by Arun cabinet member for parks and green spaces Cllr Terry Chapman, photographs of a delivery lorry which reversed through the park and on to the Upper Bognor Road mini-roundabout at its main entrance after going to the park’s carriage yard.

Mrs Warren also showed a video of a horse display at the previous weekend’s country fair the trust had held in the park.

“This display took place on the area where the new cafe is going 
to be. It is the flattest site in the park.

“This display, or something similiar to it run by Bognor Regis Town Council, will not take place. You are denying the public the right for this. The cafe should go somewhere else in the park rather than on the most level piece of land.”

She said the location was shown in the successful Heritage Lottery Fund bid for the park for events. But it had since been changed to be set aside for a cafe.

Cllr Chapman said he would raise the matters at a meeting with officers on Monday. “I will let you know the outcome,” he told Mrs Warren.

More details at: www.hothamparkheritagetrust.co.uk