United front wanted against more homes

112144_AERIALS_21/06/11''Aerial view of Bognor Pier, Bognor Regis.' 'Picture: Allan Hutchings (112144-925)
112144_AERIALS_21/06/11''Aerial view of Bognor Pier, Bognor Regis.' 'Picture: Allan Hutchings (112144-925)

A RALLYING call has been issued by an Aldwick councillor for councils to band together to fight the ‘planning dictatorship’.

Cllr Michael Warden said he hoped all the parish and town councils around Bognor Regis would combine to oppose the house-building target Arun District Council had agreed.

He is to put forward a proposal to the next meeting of Aldwick Parish Council’s planning committee, on February 3, to seek approval for contact to be made with the neighbouring authorities for a meeting.

“We can discuss ways in which we can together oppose the numbers being forced upon us, which is more dictatorial than democratic, by the government and to persuade Arun they can and should support us,” Cllr Warden, Aldwick council’s planning committee chairman told its meeting on Monday.

He said Arun wanted 580 homes a year to be built up to 2028.

“This means that we can expect a total of about 8,000-9,000 homes in the next 15 years, which would totally destroy not only the beauty of the Arun area but also the quality of life for all of us that live here.

“It seems that madness rules. It would be unrecognisable to future generations,” said Cllr Warden. “It would equate to a population increase of about 25,000 and at least another 16,000 cars on roads that are completely inadequate to deal with the traffic at present.

“You can see it daily on the A27 and what is called the A29, more like a country lane.”

Cllr Warden said paving over more land for housing would worsen the current flooding problems.Services such as schools and hospitals would be stretched to their limits by the extra residents.

Some homes were needed for young people and low income earners, he said. “But that is not the type of homes being built here. They are building homes which encourage others to move in to the area and commute in and out on a daily basis.”