Top award for project which recycles wood

WOOD workers at the Aldingbourne Country Centre have received an award for their efforts.

Their nationwide wood waste collection service for the country’s top builders was named the best partnership at this year’s Wood Recyclers’ Association Awards.

The Wood@Aldingbourne service collects and stores waste timber and sells wood which is re-usable to the public.

This saves resources and reduces demand for new timber but also provides valuable work and volunteering opportunities for adults with learning disabilities.

Richard Mehmed, the managing director of the national wood recycling scheme, said: “We are extremely proud of the Aldingbourne wood recycling project.

“They not only provide their community with a fantastic wood store and a great range of products made of recycled wood but also are giving some of the area’s most disadvantaged people the chance to get the skills and experience which they need to get back into work.”

The Wood@Aldingbourne project is innovative because it tackles the huge problem of wood waste in landfill.

It collects commercial wood waste, sorts it and sells it on while the trainees gain a better understanding of the environment and business world.

It is one of several enterprises at the country centre.