Solar park deliveries will need hundreds of lorries

SOME 500 large lorries will be delivering goods to a proposed solar park in Shripney.

A traffic impact assessment for the intended scheme at Manor Farm on Shripney Lane says the timetable for the creation of the site would equal six deliveries a day.

A statement with the planning application for the scheme by BNRG Renewables says measures will be put in place to limit the effect on the surrounding Shripney conservation area.

“HGV movements to and from the site 
will be restricted to 
avoid highway peak periods as far as is practical,” it states.

“This will minimise any impact these vehicles may have on peak-hour congestion on the local highway network.

“In addition, Shripney Lane is of sufficient width that a car will be able to pass an oncoming HGV. Also, vehicles will adhere to a strict speed limit of 15mph on Shripney Lane.”

Construction materials will be combined where possible to reduce the number of deliveries. They will also be bought locally to cut down the length of the journeys.

There will be some 30-40 construction workers on site when the solar park is being built. Most will arrive and leave outside peak traffic times, the statement says.

The solar park on 50 hectares of farmland will produce about 21MW of electricity through solar photovoltaic panels. It will last for 30 years.

A statement by BRNG Renewables’ planning agent, Adrian Hunter, said the site was chosen by its owner, the Langmead Group, to play an essential part in its strategy to achieve carbon neutrality.

The site also allowed easy access to the national grid for the energy produced, was free from horticultural tunnels and was far enough away from homes and footpaths.