Roger is thanked for giving blood


AN ALDWICK man has been thanked for making 100 blood donations.

Roger Turner received an engraved solid crystal from the NHS for his selfless actions.

He was presented with the gift at a recent ceremony at Brighton.

He said: “I started donating when I was 22 and it’s good to get to 100. I have been able to make two or three donations a year and have always been able to fit them in.

“It has to be a worthwhile thing to do. You hear about people needing blood after operations and accidents.”

Solicitor Mr Turner, 74, said he could 
not remember his reason for becoming 
a blood donor.

“I must have thought it was something one should do. It’s a pity more people don’t do it,” he said.

“There is always a dire need for blood, but each donation only takes a short time nowadays.”

“It’s different from when I started with a lot of waiting and shuffling around.”