Protesting residents too late to change Barnham housing

DOZENS of residents who protested about the latest plans for a Barnham housing estate were told they were too late.

A total of 46 letters of objection to the planning application for details of appearance and layout for 75 dwellings at Goodacres were received by Arun District Council. Barnham Parish Council also protested.

But the proposals by Croudace Homes were approved by the council’s development control committee last week. This followed the outline scheme’s approval by a planning inspector two years ago which imposed the housing on the village.

Arun planning officer Neil Crowther said the majority of the protests could not be considered because the matters had been decided in the outline approval which could not be changed.

“This application is all about the layout, the landscaping and whether or not the design of the buildings is appropriate and acceptable. And we feel that they are.”

Earlier, Churchill House resident Pamela Shields had told the committee the scheme would have a direct impact on her neighbours.

“We feel 75 houses is far too many in such a small area and it will have a direct impact on the local infrastructure and change the area’s character.

“They will bring 100-150 cars to add to the traffic problems which already exist for those who want to cross Lake Lane to go to the shops and the Post Office.”

Denise Apps, of Goodacres, said the new housing would easily outnumber the road’s 16 houses and bungalows and 31 flats in Churchill Avenue.

“If you must build, make it 45-50 dwellings and put them within the site away from the existing houses and landscape the peace and quiet can be maintained to some degree,” she said.

She added the new housing would also create further parking problems in a road plagued by commuters who left their cars there all day.

Planning committee member Cllr John Charles (C, Barnham) said: “It’s a great shame we lost this on appeal. We are stuck with 75 houses.

“Unfortunately, most of the things we raised at the time are still there. The main thing in the area is flooding.

“The development should reduce the flooding in the area – not just on the site.”

Cllr Elaine Stainton (C, Felpham W) said: “I have every sympathy with the residents. We are getting the houses built but not the doctors’ surgeries or the schools.”

The housing will be built on 2.88 acres and include 22 affordable homes from one-bed flats to three-bed houses.