Proposals for solar park

FORMAL proposals have been submitted for a solar park in Flansham.

Green Switch Solutions has applied for planning approval to site the development on 7.8 hectares linked to Rookery Farm.

The solar voltaic panels will produce about 3MW peak of renewable electricity.

A statement by Markus Wierenga, of Green Switch Solutions, says: “The freestanding solar panels are constructed from toughened glass set in an aluminium frame. The rows would be arranged on an east to west alignment facing south to maximise their exposure to sunlight.”

The panels will be mounted on frames 0.6m- 2.2m high on rows 4-6m apart.

It will take three to four months to build the solar park, if it is approved. That period would involve about 100 heavy goods vehicle movements to deliver materials as well as smaller vehicles to transport the construction staff.

About 20 people went to a public display about the scheme last November.