Properties damaged as motorists are ignoring road closure signs

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SELFISH motorists are damaging properties by ignoring the closure of a flooded road in Westergate.

The drivers are spraying people and buildings by driving through the stretch of the B2233 west of the Basmati junction.

Residents have appealed to them to observe the closure and warned they are taking registration numbers of vehicles seen to flout it.

Homeowner Louise Beaton said: “Motorists have been ignoring the ‘road closed’ signs and going through the floodwater too fast, creating bow waves which have caused further damage when people are trying to dry out their homes.

“Some van and car drivers have been quite aggressive when asked to take another route, which has led to a number of altercations.

“They seem to think the signs are just there to warn them of danger and have not realised the implications for people living nearby.

“Pedestrians have been soaked and a flint wall very badly damaged by spray.”

Most motorists who live in the area were making diversions, said Mrs Beaton.

“But a minority of thoughtless individuals seem to think it is a challenge to drive through as quickly as possible and then speed up to 50mph through the 30mph area because there is no other traffic.”

She said the police could not stop motorists going through the flooded section but had advised the residents to report the registrations and photos of those who did.

Eight homes were flooded in Westergate in Nyton Road and Westergate Street on February 14. They included several listed buildings.

The previous week had seen three homes flooded by water which had run off saturated fields.

The Westergate Stream has been at capacity since before Christmas.

Water has since been pumped from the area.

The stream flows down Northfields Lane and along Nyton Road to the west of Westergate and under Westergate Street in winter.