Police urged to act now on street drinking

ACTION is needed to stop the street drinking which is dragging Bognor Regis down.

The demand came from district and town councillors Paul Wells and Adam Cunard.

Cllr Wells said: “This street drinking has been going for a number of years.

“We always seem to talk about it and go around the bush. The railway station has been an issue for some time, but it seems to be the same faces around the town, time and time again.

“It’s about time these particular individuals were dealt with. It’s giving a bad name to the town.

“There are a lot of comments about the town centre and the impact this is having on the retail environment.

“It’s the same situation day after day, but no-one seems to get on top of it. I don’t understand why.”

Cllr Cunard said: “Street drinking at the railway station is still a problem.”

They spoke out at the joint western Arun area committee last week where Inspector Marc Clothier made his first public comments after being appointed to the job two weeks earlier.

Insp Clothier said work with the British Transport Police had taken place at the railway station.

He hoped further action would improve the situation in the coming months.