Play Rangers defy the downpours

Last play day for the childen.14LAAUG26b-2 PPP-140826-155743006
Last play day for the childen.14LAAUG26b-2 PPP-140826-155743006

RAIN failed to stop the Play Rangers bringing fun to Aldwick.

The damp conditions still saw children turning up to the sessions at West Park and Avisford Park last Tuesday.

The bad weather was a rare occurrence on the twice-weekly visits this year. The occasions have been a success from the start of the summer holidays to the end for the third year. The final sessions are today.

Jan Malpas was behind the Play Rangers’ arrival. She said: “They have been an absolutely fantastic success.

“The number of children at West Park has averaged 80-100 a visit and a similar number at Avisford Park.

“They are so established now that, when you say the Play Rangers are coming, people know what you mean.”

The sessions are 
aimed at five to 16-year-olds. Play Rangers provide the equipment needed for two hours 
of fun.

“The mums say they like bringing their children along because they are out in the open air and are playing, rather than being organised,” said Jan.

She hopes parish councillors will agree to fund visits next year.